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mac cosmetic gift sets f. Real Estate and Builders g. Home and Garden Services h. Individuals Who Offer Products and Services Shop our selection of MAC cosmetics at Macy's. Find the perfect MAC foundations, powders, eye shadows new mac makeup Gucci 2772/S: This rimless model for women is available in neutral shades. The metal temples have an interesting design carefully designed on them. The sunglasses are good-to-go at all occasions be it formal, official or casual, the Gucci 2772/S compliments the wearer at all times of the day. Gucci 3110/S: Uber-cool and ultra-sexy, this pair of shades from the top-notch label is the best buy for all those trendy and outgoing females. Made of injected-propionate, the Gucci 3110/S pair is available in 4 interesting colors viz. Beige, Black, Blue and Havana. The temples have the logo of the brand, which is easily recognizable. Gucci1622/S: These shades for the men folk are the ultimate sunglasses a person can own. Sleek and modern, the Gucci 1622/S is best suited for the quintessential forward looking male of today. The unique thing about the pair is that though it is modern yet it gives the wearer a classy look. Sturdy and stylish in looks, it is perfect for a casual day out to protect the eyes and also to raise your glamour quotient.

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